Healthy Rewrite is a personal blog centered around the development of my own get-healthy philosophies and thoughts as well as my own journey to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Tied to the newly formed Facebook group, Healthy Rewrite, this blog also aims to increase healthy discussion to help others on their journeys.

The Healthy Hero’s Journey

The get-healthy philosophy I’m exploring is based around the concept of the Healthy Hero’s Journey, which is my health-centered version of the typical hero’s journey most of us see in novels every day. When we realize that we are the hero in our own story, it becomes easier to see that we have the power to rewrite our stories in a healthy way.

The standard steps in the hero’s journey are similar to the average steps most of us go through as we try to discover the healthy steps that will work for us. I intend to use those steps to focus my philosophy and writing.

Personal Journey

As I go through my philosophies above, I will continue to improve my own health. This blog originally started as “Challenge: 30 to Life” – a challenge I gave myself on my 30th birthday to lose a minimum of 30 pounds by my 31st birthday. I created a Healthy Bucket List to work through because that fits the way my brain works, and I started working through it. While I did not reach my 30-pound goal in that year, I did have quite a bit of true healthy success. More importantly, I finally find that I’m understanding the meaning of healthy habits and true lifestyle change.

Having found some measure of peace and understanding in my own journey, I wanted to help others find the same happiness as I continued to learn and grow myself. As a result, I changed “Challenge: 30 to Life” to “Healthy Rewrite” and am shifting the focus to explore my own philosophies while also increasing connectivity with others who are going through the same struggles.



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