Challenge of the Month

Ok I’ll admit, this was a REALLY negative post at first. I’ve been having a very difficult month at work that’s really starting to get to me. But after an entire post of pouring out everything I’ve been struggling with, I decided to start over and focus on the positive.

I apologize for not explaining what’s been happening. I’m so brain-dead and my thoughts/feelings about it have been so negative that I think any explanation would just make things worse, so I’m going to move right into the positive points I want to focus on instead:

  1. The issue I’ve been having at work is DONE. That, alone, means everything is uphill from here.
  2. My food intake has not been what I wanted but it’s been immensely better than it used to be and it was actually pretty good, considering how tough the month has been.
  3. Same as above when talking about exercise.
  4. I’ve still actually lost a little weight. In the past, this type of issue would have knocked me completely off track for months, but not this time!
  5.  I’m so happy to be moving past this issue that getting back to normal is going to be AWESOME!
  6. I already feel way better after writing this than I did after writing that sad, negative post. 

And that’s it. Weird post, I know, but the next one will be normal. 🙂


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