Vacation Recap

So we all know the deal about the best laid plans, right? My pre-planning for our cruise this past weekend ended up not doing me much good for one very important reason I didn’t think of – the MyFitness Pal and Fitbit apps don’t really work without an internet connection.

As such, the only numbers I can report are from my Fitbit. With that, I’m happy to say that I hit my step goal (12,500 steps/day) each day of our cruise. Yay! I just couldn’t track calories or see how many calories I was allowed to eat to know if I was staying within my calorie count.

All that being said, I feel pretty good about the trip overall. Even though I couldn’t offficiallt track anything, I feel pretty confident that I stayed the course. While I still prefer to track all food to be safe, I have been tracking consistently for 2/3 of the year so I have a pretty good concept of what I can eat and how many calories most food items are. Also, I hadn’t gained any weight by the time I got back. I know it was only a 3-day trip but let’s be honest – weight gain could have still been possible. So I’m taking 0 weight gain as a big win.

I’m also happy because of the protein strategy I’m working on. I couldn’t weigh in this weekend, obviously, but I do have some good news to report. See, I also weigh in daily, although I only “count” my weekend weigh-ins. Because I do that I know that I tend to weigh in about 2-3 pounds heavier during the week and I see all my weight loss (when it occurs) on the weekend. So last week was fun because my weekday weigh-in amount dropped AND on Friday (the closest I could get to a weekend weigh-in) I was about half a pound lighter than my lowest weight so far. Yay!

So I’m officially counting that as week 1 of my 3-week test for high protein and calling it a success. Now we just need to see if I have weight loss this week and next. Fingers crossed!


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