Healthy Cruising

I attribute a lot of my successful weight loss this year to being very mindful of those times that are especially difficult to stay on track: vacations, big projects at work, special occasions, etc. Pre-planning how I will stay the course through these has been the only way I’ve continued to lose weight/inches.

Well now it’s time to do it again! My husband and I are going on a weekend cruise starting today. 🙂 Normally I’d try to pre-plan sooner than this but hey, better late than never, right? This pre-plan may not be as detailed as other ones I’ve done because there are a lot of unknowns. I only have a vague idea of the food that will be available, for example.

Here’s what I DO know:

  • There will be a lot of buffets. This means an easy opportunity to overeat but it also means there will be choices. So I just need to be mindful and choose wisely.
  • There is a gym on the ship so if I want to be really good I can go for a run each day.
  • There’s a lot of fun ways to be physically active on the ship – basketball courts, scavenger hunts, etc. So what’s maybe more likely is that I’ll insist we just have fun and stay active at the same time.
  • There will be ice cream available for free 24/7. Now this is my big problem. I love ice cream and let’s be honest, ice cream all day would be an amazing vacation – if it were calorie-free. I think the best thing I can do here is limit myself to one per day and just savor that one.

Some of this may seem silly and obvious but thinking through it and writing it down helps get me centered and thinking straight.

What do you do to keep yourself on track during vacation?


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