Protein Power!

Well, hopefully protein has power – I guess we’ll see! I’ve officially launched my first strategic mission to jog my weight loss. I’m not looking for anything unhealthy – just the standard 1-2 pounds per week rather than my current average of 1-2 pounds every 2 weeks.

If you read my last post than you know I’m planning on testing out a few nutritional changes with the hopes of finding a strategy that will help with this. The first strategy I decided to try is increasing my protein percentage in relation to my carb and fat intake. My goal: 50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% fat.

This will not be a permanent change. It’s just intended to help me trim down on excess fat so I can continue building muscle with a good baseline. My plan is to fight for this percentage during the week and relax a bit on the weekends so I have some balance. Then, eventually, I’ll ease back to normal protein portions.

Yesterday was my first day trying this and it was pretty interesting! First, let me give my results. I wrapped up the day at 44% protein, 33% carbs, and 23% fat. I actually spent most of the day around the 53% protein mark and only dropped because my original dinner plans fell through and had to be replaced last minute with something higher carb.

What was funniest for me, though, was how much food I was eating for so few calories. I felt so full after every meal (although it never took long for that feeling to ease up) yet I found myself struggling at the end of the day to get in enough calories.

I already have one good takeaway from this – I need more protein-based food at home! I’ve got a ton of it at work but last night when I was trying to find something to fill those extra calories, my only real option would have been to defrost and cook some meat, which wasn’t happening at 8:30 last night!

Today is wrapping up well. I’m currently at about 56% protein but I still have dinner to go so we’ll see how it all shakes out!


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