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Alrighty so the craziest of crazy end-of-the-year weeks is officially over, which means I’m recommitting myself to keeping up with this blog. Yay!

Now, just a quick update on where I’m at. I’m so incredibly proud to say that I have NOT given up on my weight loss plans even if I’ve had to slow down on blog posts. For the past year I’ve been worried and afraid that my busy season at work would be my weight-loss undoing. Turns out I really do have my head on straight, though, because I’ve actually continued to lose weight during this time, albeit a little more slowly.

To demonstrate that, I have some really fun quick facts to share:

  • I now have a steady Goodwill box going in my home because so many of my larger clothes no longer fit. If I try it on and it’s too big it immediately goes into the box!
  • I’m now in a size 12 pants (I started in a very tight size 16)
  • I’m entering my race season, which means I have a running race every month from now until April. When I signed up for all those races I was giving large for my shirt size but now I’m contacting all of them to request mediums instead.

Perhaps the best thing for me is that I no longer question of I’ll get to my goal. Now it’s just a matter of when it’ll be happen and that’s a great feeling, even if it ends up taking a while.

Well I guess that’s it for today. I just needed to get a post up to celebrate and get myself back on track for posting. I hope all of you are seeing great results too!


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