Now It’s On

I’ve officially decided I’m ready to start my new training regiment. The last week or so has been one big question mark for me and I’m ready to move on. If you missed my last post, I somehow hurt my leg at the beginning of last week – right before I was going to start my increased training – so I’ve been taking it easy.

The most difficult thing was that I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my leg, so I didn’t want to push it and cause further injury. At this point, though, it’s pain that seems to occur randomly – probably from a misstep or something – rather than a consistent issue so I’m going to treat it that way. I’ll push on with my plans but be mindful of pain and careful if I’m having a rough day or workout.

So what’s the new training regiment? A combination of multiple things, really. I want to train for a Spartan Sprint in October 2017 and I know I’m severely lacking in the strength I’ll need for that. However, I also have signed up for 3 half marathons and 2 15ks between November and April so my run training is just as important. 

Last year I successfully completed P90X in my own way. What that means is I incorporated running for some of the cardio workouts and while I aimed for their recommended 6 days/week in workouts, I didn’t torture myself if I missed a day. I just did the workout I missed the following day and kept going. It worked well for me so I’m sticking with that idea.

To build my new plan, I took the normal P90X program, replaced their cardio workouts with some classes I like at the gym, and some Spartan Sprint training I found so that, in reality, it’ll pry take me closer to a week and a half to get through a “P90X week.” But I feel like it’ll give me a really nice blend of cardio and strength training. A typical “round” of training for me will look something like this:

Day 1: Chest & Back/Abs (P90X)

Day 2: Short run

Day 3: Insanity (gym class)

Day 4: Shoulders & Abs (P90X)

Day 5: Circuit Drill at gym

Day 6: Short run

Day 7: Legs & Back/Abs (P90X)

Day 8: Spartan Sprint Training

Day 9: Long run

Just looking at that list gets me excited. 🙂 And no, that doesn’t mean I’m planning on working out for 9 days straight. I’ll take natural breaks in there when it makes sense. What it does mean is I have to finish one “round” before I move on to the next so I continue to get the intended mix of strength and cardio training.

We’ll see how it goes. All I can say right now is I’m excited to be training hard and I’m ready to feel strong again. 🙂


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