Time To Hit It Hard?

Have you ever noticed how life likes to play little tricks on you? For example, I’ve been thinking of increasing my workout routine for a while now. I’ve been looking through training plans, scouting out new physical challenges, and working on what I want my next workout goals to be. Last Monday, I finally decided I was ready to start everything and was eager to hit the ground running. And then, out of nowhere, I “injured” my leg and had to cut back on my activity instead of increasing it. Injured has quotes around it because I refuse to think it could be serious but it’s most definitely more than normal workout pain.

I’m not sure why things like this happen but I’m glad that I’m finally in a place where little roadblocks like that don’t catapult me off my plan entirely. If anything, they’re motivating me more. Cutting down on my activity this last week has driven me nuts, so I can’t wait to get going again.

Yesterday was the first day I’ve tried to hit my full steps in the last week. I fell a little short but called it good because I had some pain near the end of the day.We’ll see how today wraps up!

The good news is that somewhere in the midst of this I finally saw a change in the scale. Yay! It’s not much and who knows if it’ll be consistent, but I’m calling it a win regardless. If my leg cooperates this week than maybe by next week I can REALLY start hitting it hard and see that number drop even more. 🙂


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