Catching Up

Ok I promise, I have not disappeared. I just haven’t been getting much writing done. Well…blog writing anyhow. So I thought it was time to at least do a quick catchup. 

I did go on vacation and I did do a stellar job staying on track. I’m actually pretty proud of myself. Not only did I stay on track, I knocked that plan out of the park by staying within my calorie goals every day and getting my highest step achieve my so far: over 100,000 steps between Monday and Friday of my vacation week!

The result of all this was that I maintained my weight and came back with my same determined mindset. Now it hasn’t exactly been easy since then. I’ve been fighting a plateau for close to 2 months now. The good news is that I haven’t wavered in the face of the plateau. I decided to view it as practice for when I achieve my goal weight and have to maintain it. 

The even better news is that I *may* have finally broken past the plateau this weekend. I was down a full pound both Saturday and Sunday. Yippee! Since the weight was consistent between both days I’m inclined to say it’s not a fluke but I’m not really going to start dancing the weight-loss jig until I have another back to back week of weight loss. So fingers crossed that this week goes well.

Otherwise I’m just working on a few personal hobbies and planning where I want to go from here for races and other physical challenges. But that’s atopic for another day. In the meantime, I hope everyone else is having a happy and healthy day!


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