Cheat Day Power

Yes, you read that title correctly. Today I’m celebrating the power of the cheat day because I had one yesterday and it gave me the jolt my body needed.

See, I’ve been doing really well with my weight loss for a while now. I’ve been sticking to my “plan” for a little more than 3 months and I’ve been losing weight pretty consistently during that time. Up until last week, that is.

While I only count 1 weight check a week as my true weigh-in, I check the scale daily because I like to see how different foods impact me. That also helps me understand how weight can fluctuate from day to day. So, last week when I inexplicably gained 4 lbs and saw the same weight every single day, I knew something was off. Nothing changed about my habits so, after a week of no change I decided to bend to the power of the cheat day. The result: I’m now back around my normal weight. Yay!

What makes me feel even better is that the cheat day hasn’t even phased me. I’ve had a few other cheat days in the last 3 months but they haven’t been TRUE cheat days. On those “fake” cheat days I usually let myself splurge a bit on my food but I always compensated for it by increasing my calorie burn to maintain my calorie deficit.

For this cheat day, I let EVERYTHING go. I didn’t hit my daily step goal and went well over my calorie goal (although I still didn’t eat more calories than I burned). I also didn’t pay attention to my macros (proteins, carbs, and fats) which I’ve been monitoring fairly closely. Finally, I had the dread of all healthy dreads: SUGAR. Yes, I had a large bowl of ice cream and cinnamon rolls all in the same day. Yikes!

But again, it hasn’t fazed me. My sugar indulgence didn’t lead to the normal sugar cravings. My lazy day didn’t extend past that day, and mentally I’m still just as happy as can be to be eating healthier and working out.

Now we’ll just see what happens with my next official weigh in to see if my body is back on track too! 🙂 


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