Call to Adventure

A short time ago, I talked through the Healthy Hero’s Journey – the guideline I’m using to explore the quest we all go through to find the healthier version of ourselves that we’ve always yearned for. Now I’d like to explore each step of that journey, starting with the first one – the Call to Adventure.

Hearing the Call

Anyone who has ever stressed about their weight or health has heard the Call to Adventure. It’s that moment when you realize that something in your life needs to change.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve actually had several moments like this. Some of my worst include:

  • Trying on every article of clothing I had for a special event, only to realize that I didn’t feel good in any of them. 
  • Seeing a picture of myself where I realize the version of me that everyone sees is sooo different than I what I feel I look like.
  • Waiting until I’m alone to gorge myself on sugary treats so badly that I get an instant stomachache.

Moments like these are our lowest lows, often followed by tears and self-shaming. They’re also the moments that make us stand up and decide we’re finally ready to do something about how we look and feel.

Understanding the Call

If you’ve had moments like these than you probably did not view them to be anything as happy sounding as a “call to adventure.”I certainly did not see them that way when I went through them. However, I’m realizing now that this is exactly what those were.

Times like these always seem so negative because we tend to view them as the start of a lot of work we don’t want to do. Most of us want to be healthy with every fiber of our being, but the level of work it takes to get us there seems insurmountable. We see getting from unhealthy to healthy as:

  • Foregoing all our favorite foods
  • Suffering through dull, flavorless food that will bring us no joy
  • Losing out on our relaxing couch time
  • Struggling through workouts we won’t understand or be able to do

It’d be difficult to go through anything with a negative approach like that (however unintended it might be) and still get positive results. That is why – in my opinion – most of us repeat these moments so often.

Now that I’ve started to find the right path to healthiness for me, I can look back on those moments with a better view. Losing weight and getting healthy is a lot more fun and exciting than I ever thought it would be. Getting healthy actually means:

  • Still enjoying your favorite foods, just in smaller portions that make you appreciate them more and feel better afterwards
  • Finding new healthy food options you never knew existed
  • Living more because you’re getting off the couch and doing things
  • Surprising yourself with the workouts you CAN do and how strong/amazing you feel afterwards

When you start to get healthy there’s no limit to what you can do. Hence the Call to Adventure thought process. If I had only known how much I’d enjoy being healthy, maybe I would have had less sad and depressing moments. Maybe I would have approached my weight loss journey with enthusiasm instead of dread. Maybe I would have found the healthier version of me a long, long time ago.

My Calls to Adventure may not have been my happiest moments but they were necessary for me to start my Healthy Hero’s Journey and for that I’m grateful. But I tell you what – I’m also happy to decide that I’ll never have a health-related Call to Adventure again! 😄


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