“Closet Clothes” – Reversed!

I started today out writing a post aligned with the new theory I’m exploring about the Healthy Hero’s Journey I’ve previously discussed. But I’ve spontaneously decided to save that post for another time because I need to share the happiness I’m feeling today. 

Why am I so happy? It all comes down to a “closet” shirt. You know what those are, right? Those are the shirts, pants, dresses, etc. that spend more time in your closet than they do on your body. 

Over the years I’ve had a lot of “closet clothes.” Primarily they have been clothes that I used to wear but no longer fit into. The shirt I’m talking about today was a hand-me-down from a friend. It never actually fit me from the day I got it but I liked it enough that I kept it anyways. 

Well I’m happy to say that I’ve reached a new, evolved relationship with this shirt. About a month or so I was actually able to start wearing the shirt, which was pretty exciting in and of itself. It was a little on the tight side but also intended to be a snug so it was ok. Today, however, that shirt is LOOSE!

All day long, I’ve found myself noticing how the shirt feels as I move, stand, and sit. If my coworkers could hear my thoughts they’d probably think I was nuts, but I can’t express enough how great it is to be comfortable in an article of clothing I would have previously dreaded.

Honestly, I’m still mind blown about these changes because compared to every other weight-loss attempt I’ve made, these results are coming fast! In a little less than 3 months I’ve gone from way too big for the shirt to a little too small for it. And the best part is, I’m still chugging along and seeing other little wins every day. It just makes me so freaking HAPPY. 😄

The best part is, I’ve started to see the same thing with a lot of my clothes. Most of the shirts I previously used to “hide” my curves have now become too big to be flattering.

Guess I need to revise what “closet clothes” refers to. Maybe soon I’ll be able to say they’re all the clothes I used to wear before I reached my healthy weight! 😄 Woot woot!


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