One-Year Check-In

Well, it’s officially been a year since I started on my weight loss journey and it’s been interesting (and fun!) to say the least. Those are two words I never thought I’d apply to weight loss, but it’s true.

I have been far from perfect with eating healthy and working out in the last year BUT I have done better in this time frame than I have at any other point in my life. Fortunately, I do have some positive results to show for it.

Physical Results

Physical results are the first things most people ask about so it stands to reason that I address those first.   Here’s where I currently stand:

  • Down a total of 14 pounds
  • Down a total of approximately 14 inches

Now, that might not seem like a lot, but I did originally lose close to 20 pounds at one point. Then, after falling off track hard, I gained the full 20 back and have since lost the current 14. So I guess I’ve technically lost a total of 34 in the year, just not continuously.

The most important thing is that I’m down at all. Something is better than nothing.

Emotional/Mental Results

This is where I’ve seen the most improvement. Each time I’ve fallen off track and then resumed my healthy activities, I’ve gotten better at being healthy. AND I’ve been able stay healthy longer each time. I guess practice really does make perfect!

I attribute a lot of my recent success to the year-long timeframe I gave myself. While I did not achieve my original goal (losing 30-52 pounds), I did learn a lot several important things as a result of that longer window:

  • It helped me grasp the concept of making a lifelong change. Instead of focusing on what would help me lose fast I found myself looking for what would help me lose heathily.
  • It made weight loss less stressful. Instead of trying to change everything all at once like I have in the past, I’ve made small changes and continuously adapted them.

stress free weight loss, getting healthy, lose weight

  • It helped me understand that I AM getting better each time. With a year measurement period it was easy to see my stretches of success.

Overall, I’m very happy with where I am. No matter what else has happened, I’m still healthier than I was a year ago and that is something to celebrate!

And now it’s time to face forward and keep working. I’m not planning on giving myself a new time goal this time around, mostly because this recent goal lined up with my birthday so I’ll probably naturally use that as my measurement period whether I plan to or not. I am, however, planning on continuing to tweak, learn, and grow from everything I try. 😄


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