Re-establishing Goals

So of course no weight loss journey is complete without established goals. If I’m truly going to get myself back on track I think it’s important to lay it all out on the table: where I started, where I’ve been, where I’m at now, and where I’m going.

Where I Started

This particular weight loss journey started for me on my 30th birthday at the end of May, 2015. I’ve struggled with weight issues my entire life and I have a family history of weight-related health concerns so I decided it was time to take action. I started at 174 pounds and size 16 in pant size. My goal was to lose between 30-52 pounds by my 31st birthday. That’s no more than 1 pound-week.

Where I’ve Been

The first leg of this weight loss journey was the most successful I’ve ever been. I got down to 155 pounds and a size 14. Then the end of the year happened and I found myself facing a variety of new challenges that knocked me off my plan.

Where I’m At Now

Unfortunately I have gained weight back but I’m happy to say I curtailed my fall before I could gain it all back. I currently stand at 166 pounds and a size 16 again.

Where I’m Going

Given how much time is left between now and my birthday, I don’t think my original goals are realistic, although I still like the idea of making my birthday a deadline. That means I’ve got about 16 weeks to go. Therefore, I’m going to shoot for losing 11-16 pounds by the end of May. 11 because that would get me back on track with where I was before I started gaining again. 16 because that’s in line with the 1 pound/week max goal I had originally set for myself.

I would love it if I could lose more than that but I think those numbers are realistic based on past experience. The important thing is I have a goal and a deadline. After that I can set new goals to keep working on my weight loss journey.


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