Gym Time!

Well, a week has passed since I recommitted myself to my weight loss challenge. The week didn’t quite go as expected but I’m still happy with the end result.

See, part of my recommitment involved a re-evaluation of my workout plan. It’s become evident that I have to be able to workout almost daily. I used to workout in the morning before work but it’s been harder lately for me to get energized enough for a good workout at that time of day.

Instead, I decided to use that time for business/work projects so that my evenings would be freed up for workouts. I don’t know if I trust myself yet to consistently workout at home after work so I used this last week to check out my other options. I finally was able to find an inexpensive gym that has all the features I want. The added plus? It has locations near my home and work, which means I’ll have plenty of flexibility to plan my workouts around my schedule.

I’m pretty excited about this gym. 😀 In the 3 days I’ve had a membership I’ve already worked out all 3 days. Now I just need to make it a sustainable habit! That’s my challenge to myself for this week.


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