When I first started this weight loss challenge, I was blogging almost daily. Obviously, I have fallen way off of that, along with the rest of my plan. I have been trying to get myself back on track for a while now, without much luck, so, as of today, I’m going back to the basics. I honestly don’t know if I have time to blog daily, but I’m going to shoot for it.

In the past few months I’ve learned a few very important things for myself:

  • For my body, it’s go hard or go home. The quick 30 minutes a day 3-4 days/week of working out that’s often advocated does nothing for me. In order to see any change I have to do at least 6-7 hours/week.
  • I’m still in excuse mode. I thought I’d broken out of it but when the first opportunity came up for a NEW excuse, I took it and ran. I do think it’s important to not be too hard on ourselves if we can’t stick to our plan perfectly. However, it’s also incredibly easy for that “one-day slip-up” to become weeks, months, or even years before you realize it.
  • No matter how well you establish a plan for yourself, it will probably always have to re-evaluated. Life has a way of constantly shifting and throwing off your plans so you have to be willing to adapt.

To move forward, I think it’s important to evaluate what happened to make me “fall off the wagon.”

First, I started a new business, which understandably cut into the available time I had for working out. That in and of itself didn’t throw me off. However, the second item was that I got a new position at work. That also was not enough to throw me off. The crazy last quarter of the year for that position absolutely DID throw me off, though. Especially when combined with the new business. Here’s what I could have done better:

  • Pre-planned. The end of the year required a lot of travel for me, which meant a break in my routine. If I had pre-planned how to modify my plan for that, I think I could have stayed successful.
  • Re-evaluated. The busy time of year meant shifts in when/how I worked. I modified things for the business and work, but not for my weight loss plan. That was important for me personally and should have been a higher priority.
  • Set minimum goals. I have a minimum goal for my weight loss so it makes sense that I should have a minimum goal for how to get there. Without that in place it was easy to stop doing everything. If I’d set minimum goals for myself, maybe I could have maintained what is achieved instead of regaining weight.

So where do I go from here? I’m doing a total reset to what I was initially doing when I started this challenge. I’m going back to my weight loss bucket list. More to come on updates to what I’m shooting for. In the meantime, I hope everyone else is doing well with their weight loss goals!


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