“Heavy” Thoughts (Pun Intended!)

First and foremost, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! I’ve recuperated from the holiday and have been thinking a lot about where I’m at with my challenge. As you may have seen in recent posts, I’ve fallen off track quite a bit and I’ve been struggling to get back to my challenge. It occurred to me today that my inability to get on track has partially been due to some of my old bad habits and thought processes.

The first, most debilitating thought process I’ve had has been “if I’m not doing everything right, there’s no point in doing anything right.” Of course it doesn’t come across this way in my head. In my worst moments, my excuses come through as: “I’m so tired, I need the sugar to get some energy back” or “I know it’s difficult to be ‘good’ right now so it’s ok to have extra dessert…I’ll just get back on track with a vengeance when work slows down.” Sound familiar? My excuses span a wide range of reasons but they all fall under that same umbrella thought and it’s that thought which has held me back from fixing my weight in the past. The reality is that there are always going to be times in our lives where we can’t do EVERYTHING. In those times we have to settle for doing our best and the hard truth is that I have not been doing that.

I am about a week and a half away from being able to realistically do “everything” the way I want. So, in the spirit of just doing better, I’m going to spend the next week focusing on my food intake, which is definitely something I can control. Here are my goals for the next week:

– Refrain from dessert unless my husband suggests it. This is a hard one. Even as I type this, leftover apple pie is calling my name.
– Shoot to have a serving of vegetables at the start of every dinner. This where I miss vegetables the most and I’m hoping that starting my dinners this way will mean that I eat less of the bulk of my dinner.
– Get back to my 2 vegetable snacks per day.
– Get back to my minimum of 64 oz of water per day.

I learned a lot about myself in the first few months of this challenge but the hard reality is that bad habits are hard to break. I need to revisit all the lessons I learned and remind myself that being healthy for the rest of my life is better than the momentary joy a cookie or cinnamon roll will bring. I know I can be successful because I already have been. It’s just a matter of DOING it!


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