In my last post, (I know it’s been a while!) I mentioned that my weight loss journey was going to have to pause for a couple of weeks due to an overload of work that I knew would last for a short time. I talked about accepting reality when being fully committed to a weight loss plan isn’t always possible. But I also talked about committing to keeping that window short – the window of time where you deviate from your plan.

I’m about a week and a half past the end of my crazy workload and I have not fulfilled my intentions of getting back on track. I have tried but I can admit that I haven’t been in the same mindset that I was when I first began this weight loss journey back in May. So this is me, putting pen to paper – or rather, hands to keyboard – to dedicate myself to a full re-commitment to my plan.

When I have been active with this blog I’ve held myself the most accountable. I would love to say that part of my plan will be to go back to blogging daily to help myself stay on track. However, since I started my weight loss plan I’ve also started my own business. My new reality is that daily blogging is probably not a possibility. And what else does a good weight loss plan do but bend and twist – adapt to what’s needed? I may not be able to blog daily, but, I do think that I could manage 2-3 times per week, so that’s what I’m going to shoot for.

Workouts. I have partially gotten back on track with these but my workouts have only been halfhearted. When I first began my weight loss plan, I was trying to catch up on my 400 hundred hours challenge. As a result, I was working out 1-2 hours per day to make up my hours. At this point, I have to admit that I’m not going hit my 400 hours challenge and working out 1-2 hours per day is not a possibility anymore either. However, I don’t think an hour a day is unrealistic, so that’s my new commitment. And the workouts need to be WHOLEHEARTED. Everything needs to go into them. All my energy, all my passion to reach my goal weight. It’s so easy to get caught up in “fake” workouts – where you’re going through the motions but not actually doing anything. That is not enough, especially if I’m going to workout less. Full workouts every day, every time.

Finally, I need to recommit to the nutritional side of things. One of my biggest challenges is dessert. I know I’ve had a lot more sweets lately so I’m going back to my original plan. I cannot have dessert unless my husband asks for it or it’s a special occasion. I have to eat at least two rounds of veggies every day and drinking a minimum of 64 oz of water a day is a must. Finally, when I go out to eat, I have to focus on healthier options first, instead of going straight for the “bad” options like giant burgers and nachos.

The last thing I need is a goal. My original goal of losing 30-52 pounds by my next birthday in May still stands. However, I think I need a short goal to keep myself excited through this re-commitment. Before I had to step away from my plan I had hit 19 pounds of weight loss but that amazing 20th pound was still elusive. I’ve gained a little back in the last couple weeks but I think that goal is still in sight. So, I’m going to challenge myself to hit my 20 pound weight loss goal by the end of November.

I think that covers everything. It’s amazing how much happier I feel just having laid it all out. It seems so much more tangible and easy to follow! Of course I know it won’t be easy but if the last few months have proven anything it’s that I can do it! I’ll let you know how it goes! 🙂


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