Excuses or Reality?

It’s been difficult lately to post with any amount of consistency but I had to post today as I struggle with a question that a lot of us face as we struggle to lose weight. How do you know when you’re being realistic about not sticking to your weight loss plan, as opposed to making excuses?

Does anyone else understand what I’m talking about? Lately I’ve had to cut back more and more on some of the extra activities I’ve been doing, due to an overload of work. Now I’ve found myself missing some of the basic “requirements” I set for myself, like the amount of time I workout each day, because of that same overload.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating how much busier I am. And the thing is that I know this overload is temporary. It shouldn’t last more than 3 weeks and then I’d be able to get 100% on track. Thinking of this, I’ve told myself that it’s ok to miss a few workouts, mostly because I’ve slept past my alarm so I know I must be tired. As soon as I miss them, though, I feel guilty about it and wonder if I’m just making excuses.

Has anyone else gone through this? What do you do or say to yourself in these situations?


2 thoughts on “Excuses or Reality?

  • I do all the time. Usually they will start out as legit excuses, but then I keep letting them get in the way and that’s where I get into trouble. As long as you are aware of what is going on you should be good, but know enough is enough and you need to take the time for your weight loss too.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts! That’s pretty much the direction I’ve been leaning in, as well. I think I’m going to still try to focus on fitting my workouts it but try not to beat myself up if it doesn’t happen.

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