Little Joys

I gotta say I am super tired this morning. I was up later than expected working on a project I have going. Despite that, I still got up this morning to workout, which makes me feel really good right now.

As I sit here, wrapped in a comfy cocoon of workout euphoria, I find myself thinking of the little joys I get from being healthy. Some of them are silly. Showers, for example, probably seem like a weird thing to enjoy. After all, you shower all the time anyways, right? But I’ll tell you, there is nothing better than a hot shower after a hard workout.

I also love having sore muscles. Again, you probably think I’m crazy but sore muscles tell me I actually worked hard.

What little joys do you get out of being healthy? Maybe for you its that sense of “me” time your workout gives, enjoying the great outdoors on a run, or watching the change in your body as you lose weight (all things I also enjoy).

Whatever your little joys are. I think it’s important to hold onto those and focus on them when you’re having hard days. Those little joys will be your best resource for big change.


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