NOW I’m Back On Track

It’s been a couple weeks since I dedicated myself to really reviving my weight loss challenge but I’m happy to say that I’m officially back on track. I’m back to losing weight steadily each week and, with today’s weigh-in, I’ve reached my new lowest weight, bring me to about 17 pounds lost since I started this at the end of May.

I’m so excited! It’s such a great feeling to see that number going down. Especially when, like before, I don’t feel like I’m actually depriving myself of very much. It’s true, I cannot eat whatever I want whenever I want. But you know what? This last week I had a little ice cream, pizza, and even nachos and I still lost weight. I honestly feel like the way I’ve been eating through most of weight loss challenge is a way of eating that I could reasonably sustain. And isn’t that the whole point anyway?

The other exciting thing about my new lowest weight is it puts me back on track to actually achieve the max goal that I gave myself of 52 pounds by my next birthday. And I’m only 13 pounds away from my minimum goal of 30 pounds lost. Yay!

How is everyone else doing with their personal challenges? I hope everyone’s having a good a day as I am!


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