I had to share this fun idea a friend introduced me too. I’m always on the lookout for fun things that will get me more active without having to really think of it. Knowing this, my friend introduced me to something called Thrill the World.

Thrill the World is an international event held, this year, on Oct. 24. On this date people all over the world do the Thriller dance at the same time for charity. Cool, right?

In the area where I live there is a group of volunteers who teach the dance and book volunteer dancers for different Halloween events in preparation for Thrill The World. Again, any donation given at lessons or as part of bookings goes to charity.

So last week I became a part of this phenomenon. It was so much fun! I had my first 2 hour lesson, which left me dripping with sweat and exhausted. I’m doing another lesson this week and couldn’t be more excited about it. 🙂

Interested in checking this out yourself? If you’re in the Tampa area the local group is called Thrill St. Pete. I’m sure a bit of googling will reveal other groups or events related to this.


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