Q1 Check In

I’m a little behind on getting my Q1 stats up, mostly because I keep forgetting to send myself my before/after photos so I can include them. Since I’ve still forgotten, I’ve decided to go ahead and post anyway.

As of Sunday, my official weight loss was 13 pounds. I’ve also lost 2 pant sizes and a total of 14.5 inches. Yay! I’m currently well ahead of my minimum goal of losing 30 pounds by May and only slightly off track for my maximum goal of losing 52 pounds.

Also, this week I’ve kicked up my focus to my program again. It’s funny because I didn’t really think I’d fallen too far off track but I already feel really good again, after only a couple days. Guess I was more off than I thought!

Going back to my original focus, I’m trying to get two vegetable snacks in/day, along with the appropriate amount of water. I’m also continuing to workout. However, I’m returning focus to really pushing myself in my workouts. Aldo, for a little while at least, I’ll be shooting for 2 hours of activity per day to continue catching up in my 400 hours challenge.We’ll see how it goes!


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