Resetting My Mindset

I think I have to finally admit that I’ve let myself slip a little with my weight loss challenge. I’ve been telling myself that I slowed down because I had strained my hip but that pain has been gone for almost a week now and I don’t feel like I’m back on track.

In the spirit of a mental reset I’ve decided to push back the two new challenges I was planning for myself. This might sound counter-productive but it’s been decided after lots of hard thought. Part of the reason I’ve started to slip is because life has become a little chaotic of late. In the past, this would be the time when I’d fall off track entirely and gain a bunch of weight, mostly because it takes a lot of active thought to stay true to a weight loss plan. When I get crazy busy I stop actively thinking about being good because I’m so caught up in everything else that’s going on.

Fortunately, I’m paying attention to this early on and I haven’t really fallen off too badly yet. In fact I don’t even know that I’ve stopped losing weight necessarily. All I know is that I feel myself slipping and adding more challenges (i.e. more stress) isn’t going to solve that. What I’ve been doing so far has been working so I’m just going to re-dedicate myself to my initial plan and continue chugging along. 🙂


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