Healthy Grocery Cart

Am I the only one who gets a thrill out of healthy grocery shopping? I think it’s all about the checkout lane. Once you’re setting your food on the cashier’s belt, it’s like your eating habits are on display for the world to see. It’s either a floating, dancing parade of nutritious, healthy options, or a heavy lineup of fatty, villainous foods sure to send you over that dreaded obese line.

I didnt start thinking about the checkout line this way until I actually started eating healthy. Now it’s all that I see. It’s almost become a subconscious motivator. As I load my cart I wonder what others will think of me when they see me checking out.

I also like to think of the checkout as my next week of eating at a glance. When you drop items into your cart one item at a time it’s easy to convince yourself you’re eating right. When it’s all laid out on the belt, though, it’s hard to deny the truth. Is your belt filled with fresh ingredients, vegetables, and fruits? Or is it loaded with junk food?

Now, I just need to get this mentality when I’m making quick stops at the store. Usually a quick stop means I’m picking up something easy, like frozen pizza or stuff for nachos. Because I only spend a minute at the checkout lane it doesn’t seem to weigh on me as much.

Oh well. A little bit at a time, right? That’s just one more thing to work on!


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