New Challenges Are Coming!

I’m in the last couple weeks of my P90X challenge so my brain is starting to whirl through my weight loss bucket list in search of the challenge that will step up in its place. I’ve already decided that my next challenge will be food-based. A food-based diet wasn’t right for me to start with because I wanted to ease into my healthier eating, but now I think the time has come.

There are a few different food-based challenges on my list, including 30 days of no junk food and 30 days of clean eating (food that contains only 5 ingredients or less. However, I sat in on a healthy eating seminar yesterday and a new idea presented itself. Did you know that the average person eats waaaay more sugar than they should? For example, the average female should have no more than 24 grams of sugar per day. A single 20 oz soda has about 120 grams so it’s easy to see how most of us are over indulging on our sugar.

The reason I added food challenges to begin with was because I wanted to give myself the opportunity to see how I felt adjusting my eating in a variety of ways. I don’t now why, but the idea of trying 30 days with the appropriate amount of sugar is really appealing to me right now. I think I’ve already decided to start with this – now I just need to start prepping!

What’s to prep, you may ask. You just stop eating sugar! Eating right, I’ve found, is rarely so simple. I know that I’m going to need an assortment of food ideas and low-sugar recipes. Otherwise I’m likely to fall back on something that doesn’t fit the challenge.

Then there’s the other question to decide. Does no sugar mean no artificial sugar as well? I think my health coach would say yes because she points out that it’s always better to put natural products in your body as opposed to artificial. I guess I’m wondering if it would make sense to do two phases – 30 days where artificial is ok and the next where it’s not. What would your vote be?


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