Pulling It Back

I’m learning very quickly that staying on track with my weight loss requires constant checks and balances to keep myself from slipping up. Things have been going well for a while now and I know from past experience that this presents one of the most dangerous time periods for me. When your weight loss is going well it’s easy to think that a single dessert isn’t going to impact anything. And surely you don’t have to be quite as strict with your eating when things are going well, right?

WRONG! In the past, this casual attitude has been my downfall, sending my success plummeting into a negative spiral that usually takes months to recover from. It’s for that reason that I’m especially in tune with where I stand right now.

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been using my calendar as an accountability tool. I’ve used it to track my weight loss progress and goals, as well as any “bad” days I’ve had with regards to working out and eating healthy. Because of this I know that I’ve fallen a little off track across the board. Most of this was expected. The last couple weeks have been filled with celebrations, travel, changed at work, and a variety of other things that have impacted my routine. I knew that I would see a degree of disruption with all of that going on.

Even though I didn’t 100% stay on track during this timeframe, I really want to celebrate how well I did do. I did still stay committed to my program the majority of the time instead of falling off track entirely. I did still workout at least 6 days a week despite everything else. And I did avoid a ton of temptations that I know I would have given into before.

That being said, my month 2 habits were decidedly worse than my month 1 habits, so this is me settling back onto the right path. Things are not completely settled down but the factors that contributed the most to my bad eating or lack of workouts are past. There is no reason I should be slipping up as much going forward.

This is where I stand with my challenges: I’m about 3.5 weeks out from finishing my P90X challenge and I’ve done 155 hours of my 400 hour challenge. I’ve fallen off a bit from my weekly food experiments but those are easily picked up. Overall, I’m still very happy with what I’ve accomplished and I’m excited to see where I’ll go from here!


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