I Love Myself More

Not too long ago I mentioned that I’ve finally found the right mental conditioning to push myself through my weight loss plan. If you have struggled with weight loss before, the concept of “getting the right mindset” is probably not any newer to you than it was to me. I’ve found that it’s a lot like you hear people say about smokers: They’ll quit when they decide to.

The key is finding the mindset that will drive YOU to reach your ideal weight? In other words, what will get you to flip the switch that makes you go from yearning to be “bad” (being a couch potato, eating giant heaps of ice cream, etc) to thriving on being “good” (working out, eating healthy, etc)?

Someone once told me they stayed healthy by viewing the food they are the same as the fuel they’d put in their car. They knew vegetables and protein, for example, would keep their body chugging along happily but that chocolate cake would make it stall out. That’s a great idea but it didn’t work for me. I liked my bad food too much.

Entirely by accident, I stumbled across the mental trick that does work for me during this challenge. You see, while I obviously want to lose weight for the sake of feeling better about myself, I’m also concerned about my health. Most of my family has diabetes and other weight-related health issues that I want to avoid. That’s been on my mind through this challenge and every time I’ve been faced with a bad choice I go back to how negatively those things could impact me. I say to myself “I DO love chocolate cake, but I love myself more.” Or “I DO love ice cream sundaes but I love myself more than I love ice cream.” It’s amazing how much this has helped me stay on track.

So that raises an interesting question. Do you have a mantra or a train of thought that helps you stay on track? I think this part of weight loss is different for each person but any suggestion might be the right one for someone who hasn’t found their golden nugget yet.


2 thoughts on “I Love Myself More

  • I love the “I love myself more idea.” You are so right about people having to decide that they are going to make a choice to change. As a fitness coach, this is a hard thing for me to grasp sometimes… I know I have the tools, knowledge, and motivation to help someone succeed- yet until they decide that they truly want to change, everything I have to offer is worthless. Great post!


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