Back to “Normal”

It seems so weird to think that it’s nearly been a week since I’ve posted here! Last week was a crazy combination of unusual work hours, work outings, and travel. Going into it I knew it would be difficult to keep up with my blog and my workouts, so I opted for my workouts. Don’t worry, though. I didn’t forget about the wonderful accountability I’ve found through this blog!

I can admit that the week was not perfect. I had 2 full days where I was unable to fit a workout in and 2 instances where I ate foods I would normally avoid. That being said, I also know that the old me would have had a worse week. I definitely would have eaten more bad foods than I did and I feel pretty confident I would have fallen off my workout routine entirely. I also think that those slip ups would have thrown me off my routine for weeks to come.

Now, however, I can confidently say that last week hasn’t beaten me! I adjusted my schedule, planned my food out, and did whatever I needed to keep myself on track as much as possible. And today I’m back to my healthy routine completely.

Now I just need to keep this mindset going forward. This threat of slipping up has come and gone but another is on the horizon. Today I’m starting a new position that has the potential of longer hours, at least for a little while. Once again, this is a situation where I’ve been known to fall off track before. I’m prepared for the fact that I may have to adjust my routine and that the transition may not be perfect. In reality, though, I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult and I can just keep chugging along.

I don’t know where I officially stand weight-wise, which is driving me nuts, but I should have an update on Sunday. I couldn’t bring my scale with me while traveling and I didn’t want to discourage myself if my weight looked off on a different scale. I will say, though, that this morning I weighed in at almost 2 pounds under my last official weigh in so that makes me feel a little better. Fingers crossed that next Sunday it still looks good!


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