Pushing Harder

I’m almost 2 full months into my weight loss challenge and I’m still sore on a daily basis because of my workouts. For some reason that gets me really excited! It means that I’m still pushing myself hard in my workouts. It also shows me what I’ve been doing wrong in the past.

Usually, the burn from a workout only hits me in the first week or so after picking up exercise again. During these times, If 20 reps of an exercise was difficult to start with then I gave myself a pat on the back when I was able to do 20. I never challenged myself to do more, so my body got used to those exercises. Now, if I reach that 20 I do 10 more. Or I get a different weight and make it hard to do 20 again.

It probably sounds strange, but pushing myself this way has become fun for me! Every week I find myself looking up new exercises or new ways to to stretch my limits. Just like the rest of the mini challenges I’ve given myself, I also find that this distracts me from my weight. I worry less about how much I’ve lost or how quickly I’ve lost it. I’m just enthralled with being healthy!

Has anyone else had things like this that surprised them about their weight loss plans? Things that they expected to hate but ended up loving? It’s so much easier to “be good” when you enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “Pushing Harder

  • I am in the same stage. Whoosh!! Glad that it isn’t just me being crazy. It sometimes takes a pep talk to motivate myself to workout, but once I’m working out, I push through the burn.


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