Daily Visits to the Scale

I know this goes against the advice of most health professionals, but I have to say that I love checking my results on the scale on a daily basis. I think this is one of those prime examples of things we all have to find our own comfort zone with. Certainly, for some people, this could cause a lot of discouragement if weight isn’t dropping as fast they’d like. For me, though, checking the scale consistently allows me to see trends in how my weight fluctuates so I know when I should or shouldn’t be worried about adjusting my plan. It also shows me how certain foods impact the numbers I’m seeing. Let me give you a few examples.

Through most of this weight loss challenge, my mid-week weight has floated a pound or two above my official weigh-in weight. The only weight I officially track is from my Sunday weigh-ins. So what this means is, if Sunday has me at 169 pounds, my mid-week weight has floated between 170-171. However, last week I adjusted my diet and it resulted in a big change to this trend. I suddenly saw my mid-week weight floating right around my official weight. In a couple cases it even dipped below that. So, in this way, daily weigh-ins helped me see that I made the right dietary change.

I’ve also been able to use these daily checks as an anchor of encouragement if I see a number in the scale that I don’t like. For example, this last Sunday I didn’t see any difference in weight. Based on previous trends I’ve seen, I can guess that’s because I had sodium-heavy French onion soup on Saturday night. However, since I saw drops in weight during the previous week and I’ve seen drops since Sunday’s weigh-in I can feel confident that I’m not truly off track with my goals. My past weigh-ins helped me anticipate how the soup would affect me and my current ones re-affirmed my overall progress.

What have you noticed about how your weigh-ins affect you? I think it’d be interesting to see how many people prefer daily weigh-ins to ones that are spread further apart.


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