Back on Track

It’s confession time. Yesterday I was horrible with my eating and I didn’t work out. The worst part is I don’t really know why I fell off track. Every other slip up I’ve had during this challenge has been because I was having a rough day or I’d been working so hard that I needed a break. That was not the case yesterday.

The only thing I can think of is that I desperately wanted to focus on something other than my weight loss plan. I have a few other things I’m working on now that require creativity and focus, so I spent my entire day on those.

Having spent a day in my “old” habits, I can say one thing for sure. I’m no longer at the point where skipping workouts and eating bad is “ideal.” Doing it yesterday was an interesting study in how crappy I felt just being unhealthy. I even left a cup of ice cream unfinished because I didn’t enjoy eating it as much as I used to.

Going to bed last night I was really angry with myself for how the day had gone. My first thought was to “punish” myself by committing to an extra workout today. Then I realized I’ve beaten myself up that way in the past and it’s never been successful. So, instead, I told myself it was just one bad day. I took a deep breath, forgave myself, and committed to just get back on track today.

Surprisingly enough, I was actually down in weight today after all that. Ironic, eh? The other exciting news is that I’m now 6 weeks into my weight loss challenge, which is also the longest I’ve ever gone in the P90X program. That means everything going forward is new ground covered for that particular mini challenge!

As far as my 400 hours challenge goes, I’ve decided to NOT push for another fast goal right away. I’ve started to get used to doing extra workouts so I think I’ll be able to make big advances without necessarily holding myself to specific timeframes for mini challenges.


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