Veggie Tales #3 – Asparagus 

I did my next veggie experiment today in between workouts. This is another one that left me pleasantly surprised. I should preface this by saying I have actually had asparagus. However, it was mostly as a kid and I did not like it then so I never eat it.

So, I guess this was more of a return to asparagus than an experiment. BUT I’ve never really cooked it so it was nice to see how I could use it as a side item. Unfortunately I was so excited about eating it, I forgot to take a photos so you just get a generic picture today. Sorry!

A friend of mine has a theory that any vegetable tastes good tossed in a light amount of olive oil and then baked. I tested this theory with the asparagus and added a smidge of salt and pepper for flavor. 25 minutes at 300 degrees and the asparagus came out with a perfect crunch!

When everything was said and done, this was enough to change my opinion on asparagus. I will certainly have no problem making this again in the future!


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