Surviving Weight Loss Through Smell

Cutting out desserts and other foods that you love can be one of the hardest parts of any weight loss plan. Everywhere you look there are temptations: buttered popcorn at the movie theater, coworkers bringing treats to work, friends bringing potato chips to parties. For whatever reason, it’s been easier for me to resist these temptations during this challenge than it ever was before.

One thing that’s been immensely helpful for me is relishing the smell of the foods I’m missing. If that calls to mind the image of someone desperately sniffing a bag of potato chips, that’s not what I mean! All I mean is whenever I’m confronted with a really delicious, evocative food smell, I enjoy it instead of letting it torment me.

It makes sense if you think about it. There are tons of studies that show how smell impacts the way you taste your food. If you have a cold and can’t smell properly, your food usually tastes different. So why wouldn’t it translate that you can “taste” food through the way it smells? The key, I think, is finding that balance between enjoying the smell and letting it guide your decisions.

The other piece of this can be found in the way you prep your healthy food. We all know the stigma health food carries of being bland and boring. But I’ll tell you what, there is nothing better than cooking up a meal that fills the home with aromatic wonder! Seasoning will obviously keep your food from being bland, but it will also tantalize your nose in the same way unhealthy food can. I’ve found that it gives me something to look forward to as I’m cooking so I can be excited about eating healthy.

What types of tricks have you found for keeping your sanity during weight loss?


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