Veggie Tales #2 – Artichokes #2

Alrighty, I finally found time to try an a la carte artichoke recipe and I was pleasantly surprised! I will say that the prep time for this particular recipe was a little long but I might find myself coming back to it every now and then.

I have to say that one thing that drew me to try this vegetable first was how bizarre it looks. You have to admit this is one of those vegetables that just stands out in the grocery store. Now that I’ve tried fresh artichoke I find it even more interesting.

This is the recipe I tried. As I stated previously, it took a lot of prep. I had to cut the thorns off, trim and peel the stem, wash the artichoke, prep the boiling water with seasonings, and steam the artichoke. All said and done, it took about 45 mins.

Once everything was prepared, I pulled the individual leaves off. The recipe suggested dipping them in melted butter or mayo. I opted for French onion dip. Not a ton – just enough to get a taste.

Here’s where it became interesting again. To eat the artichoke, you put the leaf in your mouth with the fleshy part down and pull it through your teeth to dig the artichoke out of the leaf casing.

I’ve never come across a vegetable that comes with such a unique means of consumption. I’m kind of surprised to say I actually liked this and could see myself eating it again. I could see this as a healthy alternative to eating potato chips. It doesn’t come with a crunch but it does include the same hand-to-mouth motion and the French onion dip helped, as well!

If you decide to try this, as well, I hope you enjoy it!


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