Managing “Bad” Days

Every now and then we all are going to have bad days with our weight loss programs. Sometimes these bad days come despite our best intentions. Other times they are necessary for us to maintain our sanity.

Yesterday was a necessary “bad” day for me and, you know what, I’m completely fine with it. I’m learning that I can manage bad days and keep them from throwing me off course.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve used quotes around the word “bad” a number of times. That’s because, in the grand scheme of things, yesterday was not that terrible. Let’s take a look at what made it “bad:”

  • I didn’t workout. My alarm went off in the morning. I got up. Then I made a conscious decision to go back to bed because I was still worn out. I had plans last night so there was no option to workout at night. I also did not walk the stairs at work.
  • I had a rather large chocolate chip cookie at work when a box was being passed around the office.
  • I went to dinner with friends and indulged in some cheesecake.

Let’s be honest, that might sound like I truly fell off track until I tell you this:

  • I’ve not missed a workout in 2 full weeks.
  • There were extra cookies available and I only had one. Believe me, before this challenge I would have had more.
  • Yes, I had cheesecake, but I only had about a third of a piece and a smaller dinner beforehand to help compensate. Before this challenge I would have had a full dinner and a full cheesecake.

I guess what I’m saying is that all “bad” days should be taken into perspective. Did I deviate from my plan? Yes. Did it make me fall off track entirely? Heck no! I’ve been tracking “no workout days” and “bad food days” on my calendar to help make sure I don’t let myself slip back into old habits, so I feel good about how rarely I’ve slipped up.

Today, I got myself back on track. I ate healthy, worked out this morning, walked at lunch, and I’m about to do some evening exercises. I’ve felt refreshed and this morning I was even down a little on the scale! No, I have no regrets about my “bad” day, at all!


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