Spectacular Vanishing Inches!

Anyone who has struggled with extra weight will understand me when I say there are very specific sections of my body that drive me nuts. I’m overweight everywhere but I often “measure” my worst areas in strange ways, like the way they look when I’m lying down or how they look with certain articles of clothing.

As I started this weight loss challenge, I was desperately aware of these things. So you can imagine my delight when I have started to notice differences over the last couple days! It feels like it’s happened overnight! Suddenly certain areas seem smoother or less bulky. This morning, I ran out of holes on my belt and when I settled on the last available holes I had a good inch or two of give in the waist.

Now, I haven’t actually measured myself since Sunday, which was my one-month check-in. I haven’t tried a lower size of pants. It’s very possible I’m just imagining the changes. Even if that’s the case, I’m okay with that. The feeling of accomplishment is keeping me motivated to continue pushing and eating well!


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