Rewarding Walk

It’s very late and I’m extremely tired but I’m going to get this post out because I’ve been thinking about it all day. Tomorrow it will be time for a different post so I need to get this down before I go to sleep.

Today was a very good day! Tomorrow will be my first official check in for this weight loss challenge. To celebrate that, I wanted to spend today eating healthy and being active. I haven’t forgotten that I set a mini goal of hitting another 25 hours of activity before the end of the month. So, I planned to get out in the glorious sun and walk…and walk…and walk!

3.5 hours and 11 miles later I feel great! And tired! I finished just in time to take a shower and catch a movie with my hubby (no popcorn, thank you very much!) before coming home to finally rest.

I think I may celebrate all of my monthly check-ins with something similar. It feels good to push so hard for the changes I’m trying to make. Now I’m going to go to bed and hope I have “good” numbers tomorrow! And if I’m unhappy with any of them I’m going to know that it’s just one small hiccup that I’ll get over in time.

Good night everyone. Sleep well!


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