One-Month Check-In

Alrighty, it’s time for my first official monthly check-in! For the most part I’m pretty happy with my results. I’m down 5.4 pounds and a total of 6.5 inches. Hooray!


In the past, 5 pounds lost over a month would have made me really frustrated. That’s the beauty of how I’ve set up my challenge. I can’t really be upset because 5 pounds means I’m ahead of where I need to be to meet my goals after the year challenge is done. I have worked really hard over the last month but I know I haven’t been perfect by any means, so I’m fine with this.

Where do I stand on the rest of my challenges? I have stuck with P90X for this entire first month, which means I’m only 2 weeks away from my longest run of P90X since I first bought the program. For those of you who don’t know much about P90X, the workouts change up a bit after the first 4 weeks so this next week I’ll be moving into new exercises. I have not reached this part of the program in a few years! I also recently hit my 100-hour mark in my 400 hour challenge. I’ve done about 6 more hours of activity since that post, so I’m still going strong. I also recently challenged myself to try one new vegetable (although I might expand this to say one new healthy recipe/food – not sure yet). I’m only a week into that challenge.

So where am I going from here? My mom convinced me to start another challenge yesterday; the Jost Run 100 Miles of Summer Challenge. This seems reasonable to add because I’m already training for a half marathon and the challenge technically allows you to include running OR walking miles. Should be fun!

I’m also going to push myself to get in more protein on a daily basis. I think I’m going to shoot for one extra protein item each day over and above what I’ve been doing. The reason for this is, while I’m happy with my weight loss so far, I know it has already started to slow down. The main area I can improve upon right now is my eating, so I’m going to continue to tweak and modify this slowly. Eventually I’ll start tacking on some of the food-specific challenges from my weight loss bucket list. Tentatively, I’m going to shoot to start one of these after my two-month check-in.

Beyond that, I’m going to keep pushing and tracking when I slip up so I can make sure it doesn’t happen too often.

Happy weight loss everyone! 


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