Yesterday I was beating myself up for not working out as I should have over the weekend. I was truly upset with myself and, while that’s not a good feeling, I’m glad this has become that important to me. I’m very happy to report that I did what I said I would do and I met my minimum workout goal yesterday, even though I set myself up poorly for it.

Today is off to a much better start! I’ve already got an hour workout in and I’m planning another for later. It will be that magical hour that gets me to my first 100 hours in my 400 Hour Challenge. Woohoo!

I had one other interesting moment last night that made me smile. I have a company pot luck coming up and I’m often the go-to dessert person. I love making desserts and figure this is a good opportunity to have others help me eat them so there’s less hanging around the house to tempt me. Here’s the “problem” – nothing sounds good! For the first time, maybe ever, all of the desserts sound too sweet and unappetizing.

I doubt this will last forever, but it’s good to know my body is breaking past those sugar cravings. It may not be pounds or inches lost, but I still consider that to be progress!


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