Tough Talk

Today I’m mentally kicking myself. Yesterday morning I was all about launching into my 4th week strong and confident. But somewhere between yesterday’s post and this morning I allowed laziness to kick in.

As I’ve launched into this weight loss challenge I’ve talked a lot about mindfulness, planning, and setting myself up for success. But yesterday I made a plan for my workout and didn’t actually follow it. I also didn’t try to make that up, even though I had plenty of opportunity throughout the day. To make this worse, I did not set myself up for success today. In order to get a good workout in today, I really needed to get up early this morning. I thought of it but I didn’t do it.

So this is me, telling myself to Get. It. Together! It’s true that I made things difficult for myself to stay on track today. But I didn’t make it impossible. So today’s mission is to make sure I get my workout time in no matter what so that tomorrow’s post can be much more positive!


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