Overcoming Excuses

Ok, so I’m jumping back on here after a two-day hiatus. It is time to get back on track! I will say that I fell off of my eating a little yesterday. Instead of that making me crave more bad foods, like it normally does, I feel ready to charge through this next week, which will end with my first official check-in on pounds and inches lost.

As I’ve gone through the last couple weeks of my weight loss challenge, I’ve been thinking a lot about the excuses I was making before I began. Part of the way I spurred myself into action was to list out all of the excuses I knew I was making for myself. Seeing them all listed out really showed me how much I was holding myself back. To combat the barrage of barricades I had set up for myself, I forced myself to think through a resolution to each excuse:

  • Excuse: The main time I can work out is in the morning before work. It’s too difficult to get up that early.
    • Resolution: Go to bed no later than 10pm. Once I actually started my challenge, I also decided to make myself get up early even on days I wasn’t doing a morning workout. I figured that would help my body get into a routine of waking up early. I have to say, my early, non-workout mornings are my favorites! I settle in with a cup of hot tea and do Rosetta Stone to learn German for an upcoming trip my husband and I are planning. It’s so nice to have that “me” time!
  • Excuse: I can’t eat healthy at work because I don’t have time to make lunch each morning.
    • Resolution: I can make lunch each evening, instead, while dinner is being made. Once I started my challenge I also helped myself out by buying a lot of pre-portioned items or pre-portioning them at the beginning of the week. Now, even if I forget to make lunch in advance, it’s normally just a matter of grabbing everything out of the fridge to put in my lunch bag.
  • Excuse: It takes too much time to use the stairs frequently at work. Several people at work had suggested this as a way to get some extra activity in. I loved the idea but felt too busy at work to make it happen.
    • Resolution: Instead of trying to fit this in in the middle of my workday, I stopped using the elevator entirely whenever reasonable. This meant that I would automatically use the stairs coming in to work and coming back from lunch. I also made myself park on the highest level of my parking garage to allow myself a third opportunity to take the stairs.
  • Excuse: I don’t have time to take a full lunch to go walking.
    • Resolution: I schedule myself meetings and appointments all day long. If I schedule this time on my work calendar I’ll have a constant reminder to walk daily at lunch.
  • Excuse: When I forget my lunch, I don’t have time at work to make healthy choices.
    • Resolution: I made a list of the healthy options I have available to me at work and in the surrounding areas. That way, when I really need food I don’t have to decide between the healthy and unhealthy options. Instead, I go to my healthy list first and decide from there.
  • Excuse: When I get home I want to relax, not workout.
    • Resolution: Relaxing is always nice but working out and getting healthy makes me feel good, too. If I need to do a workout when I get home, I get into my workout clothes right away. That way I’m mentally prepared to work out after dinner instead of relax.
  • Excuse: I need specific weights to work out at home. I lost some weights during our move and kept telling myself I couldn’t work out because I didn’t have the right equipment.
    • Resolution: This one was easy – I just had to stop and grab them right away. And I did, the next time I was in the store.
  • Excuse: When I get home I don’t want to spend time cooking.
    • Resolution: Come up with a list of healthy quick-cook options. I’m still working on this to become a regular thing. In the meantime, I’ve made a point of watching my portions if I have something that is less than healthy.

I’m sure some of these excuses sound familiar to others out there. Did one or a couple, in particular, resonate with you? What resolutions can you come up with to overcome the excuses that are holding you back from your weight loss goals? It’s all just a matter of figuring out what works best for you. You can do it!


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