Week 3

Heading into Week 3 of my challenge, my focus is on maintaining the good habits I’ve been building since Day 1. In my experience, Week 3 or 4 is where I normally start to fall off my weight loss plans. In fact, I’ve already started to notice myself lagging a bit so it’s time to amp things up to power through!

Typically, around this time a number of possibilities begins to occur:

  • I get cocky. I’ve already started to lose weight and it hasn’t been too difficult. Who needs to be strict with success like that, right? Wrong!
  • I get tired. If I’ve been too strict on myself it starts to take its toll and I give up entirely.
  •  My cravings take over. That ice cream sundae that’s been calling my name becomes too loud to ignore. I give in, telling myself it’ll just be one bowl. Before I know it I’m having full blown sundaes every night.
  • I begin to make excuses. I’ve been doing well for a while now. Skipping one workout won’t hurt. Suddenly I’m skipping every other day and then every day and then workouts are entirely off the table.

So how am I going to avoid these pitfalls? A few ideas come to mind:

  • Fresh photos of myself. Since pictures are brutally honest this may help me see how far I still have to go.
  • I’m not being very strict on myself so hopefully I’ll avoid the second pitfall altogether.
  • Track when I do allow myself to give in to cravings. This can help me see if I’m giving in too often.
  • Hold onto little milestones I want to pass. In my 400 hour challenge I’m about to hit my first 100 hours. I can use this for workout motivation.

Obviously I’ve not been successful long term yet so I don’t know if these ideas will work, but hopefully they’re a good start!


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