Beating Down Unrealistic Expectations 

One of the biggest villains we face during weight loss is our own unrealistic expectations. We hear so much about these “magic” weight loss pills and products that make people lose 10 or 15 pounds immediately and that becomes the standard expectation. This is not normal! We all know it, but how do you overcome the part of you that doesn’t listen to reason?

With this challenge I’ve given myself a year to lose 30-52 pounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if others read this and think that’s a long time, but it was chosen with purpose. I know myself. This is not my first trip on the weight loss merry-go-round. Even when I’m 100% on point with my workouts and food I’ve not lost weight fast and I’m determined to do all this on my own, with no “miracle” pills. So this goal is realistic for me. Last week I was even congratulating myself on this decision because it made me feel so little stress/pressure to lose large numbers quickly.

And then Week 3 hit (see previous post) and now I’m starting to hear that nagging voice in my head that’s asking why I haven’t lost more than I have. As of this past Sunday I’ve lost 4 pounds which is actually 2 pounds ahead of where I would need to be if I was to hit my max goal of 52 pounds. 4 pounds is okay! ANY pounds lost is okay! I need to keep repeating that to myself over and over.

All day I brainstormed ways that I could break past this negative thinking and I kept going back to physical actions that would symbolically beat them down. I envisioned beating an “unrealistic expectations” piñata with a nice, sturdy bat or popping a room full of “unrealistic expectations” balloons. Then I thought of my boxing gloves. I don’t have a punching bag any more but I love kickboxing. So, I’ve decided to do a kickboxing workout tonight and with every punch and kick I’m going to visualize myself beating down those unrealistic expectations.

You know what the best part about this plan is? I’ve actually already done my workout for the day plus some extra walking at lunch, yet I’m super excited for this additional workout. Exercising doesn’t feel like a chore for me now. That’s just one more thing to celebrate!



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