Weekend Weight Loss Struggles

I always find it amusing to think through the irony of not being able to accomplish everything you want in the weekends. Once I get into a good workout routine, I power through it during the week but when the weekend comes, it’s a struggle. How does that happen? We have so much more free time during the weekend to get things done! And it’s not always just the working out. It’s everything- finding time to blog, eating the right foods, etc.

My best guess is that, like everything else with weight loss, it comes down to adequate planning and mindfulness. During the week, I work a minimum of 8 hours per day with an average of 1-1.5 hours of drive time. In order to get my workouts in I wake up early or do them after work (sometimes both). I also walk the stairs at work and go for walks at lunch. In order to get my food correct, I portion out my snacks at the beginning of the week or buy pre-portioned items from the store. I go into every day knowing exactly what I’m going to eat. Finally, there’s this blog. To get this done and still feel like I have time to relax, I complete sections of my daily posts throughout the day. I write as I’m sitting at long red lights, eating lunch, or going for walks. Organization and planning is a part of everything.

Enter the weekend – that magical window of unending possibilities! Who knows what will happen on the weekend, right? True, after a week of working, exercising, eating right, and blogging, sometimes I just want to do NOTHING on the weekend, but still! In fact, I think those “nothing” weekends may be the most dangerous. It’s as if some sort of time warp exists over couches. Sometimes I plop down on a weekend day for what seems like an hour and suddenly the whole day has passed with nothing productive being accomplished.

weekend struggles, getting healthy, weight loss
What’s the answer to this? Transitioning some of that planning and organization from the week into the weekend. It’s such a simple solution but I think it’s something a lot of us rail against. We want to let go during that free time and allow ourselves to be mindless instead of mindful.

I’ll tell you what, though. Anyone who has struggled with weight loss before knows that self-deprecating feeling that comes from committing to a health regiment only to fall off track. Pushing myself to stay committed can’t be any harder than the way I beat myself up when I don’t. And commitment brings better rewards!

So what does my weekend look like? Yesterday I had a volunteer orientation to attend from 10:30-12, with errands to run afterward and a social engagement beginning at 6:30. So I did my blog early, before the orientation. I brought extra water with me to help hold me over during errands. Whenever I got hungry I thought through what I would eat when I got home so I wouldn’t be tempted to gorge myself on the first thing that sounded good. Then I worked out right after eating so I could check that off my list. I did allow myself to have a juicy burger at dinner but I didn’t finish it and I only let myself have two fries. I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself at all!

Today, we have a social engagement from 10-5 so I started writing this from my phone while I was still in bed and I’m finishing it after breakfast. I’ll be getting a run in after the event and I’m already thinking through my food for the day. The event is a potluck, which can be challenging but also means I know what kind of food to expect.

Planning. It’s not as bad as it seems sometimes and it carries the extra bonus of making feel in control of my life. That is the way I’m going to continue to be successful in this challenge. think I can handle that. 🙂


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