No Pictures, Please!

Over the years I have established a love/hate relationship with photos. There’s nothing better than sitting down with an old photo album to reminisce over fond memories. It’s blast to look back at smiling faces and cute outfits…in a perfect world.

In the overweight world, pictures are the bane of my existence. Every photo opportunity involves an awkward dance to hold myself at just the right angle so I don’t look too big. Will my arms look thinner down at my sides or with my hands on my hips? Should I stand facing the camera straight on or at an angle with one foot forward? Maybe all my photos should just be from the shoulders up. Yes, that would work!

photo phobia, weight loss struggles, ideal weight


Do others deal with this same photo-phobia – the balancing act between never wanting to see yourself in a picture and the desire to capture your favorite moments? What do you do in those difficult times?

A while ago I decided to give in and ignore those nagging concerns as best I could. Surely it’s more important to preserve my memories as they are than to feel perpetually comfortable with how I look. Now, as I fight to overcome my weight issues, I use those same pictures as motivation, a reminder that I can’t give up on my weight loss challenge.

I have also decided to use this as an incentive of sorts. One day, when I’m finally down to my ideal weight, I’m going to have professional pictures taken and revel in how much they WON’T bother me. 🙂


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