Weight Loss Incentives

If you’re like me and you’ve struggled with weight loss all your life, you’re probably no stranger to the concept of a weight loss incentive. It’s a wonderful idea and something I completely agree with. You have to work so hard to get down to your ideal weight. Why shouldn’t you get a little award for meeting your goals? Yeah, yeah, I know – getting healthy should be incentive enough. But if that were true no one would ever have a weight problem!

weight loss goals, lose weight, getting healthy, making the impossible possible


What’s more important than weight loss incentives, though, is choosing the RIGHT incentive. I can say this from experience because I have tried so many different incentives that have not worked for me. The main two failed incentives I’ve tried, and the two most popular suggestions I’ve heard are:

  • Money, usually in the form of a specific amount per pound lost. The problem is I’m really bad about actually moving money aside for something like this. I feel like this should work better me than it has. For some reason, though, it just doesn’t get me excited.
  • A shopping spree, specifically for a new wardrobe. Makes sense, right? If you successfully lose weight than none of your other clothes will fit. I think that’s actually the problem with this one. It’s something you have to do anyway and, typically, I’ve found it to be necessary DURING weight loss so it doesn’t work well for me as an end-game incentive.

One other time, I’ve also tried giving myself the incentive of allowing myself to do some smaller bucket list items, like taking dancing lessons or cake-decorating lessons. I think the problem with the latter one is fairly obvious. However, it turns out that I was on the right path with the bucket list concept. As soon as I landed on the incentive for this challenge I knew I had finally figured out the best idea for me.

weight loss incentive, weight loss goals, getting healthy


You see, I have it on my bucket list to pick a random Groupon Getaway trip to go on, no matter the destination. It’s something we would eventually do, I’m sure, but it may have been a long-time coming if I didn’t decide to use it as incentive for this. As it is, my husband and I have agreed: If I’m able to meet my weight loss goal by my 31st birthday, I will choose the first Groupon Getaway that allows both of us to fly to and stay at the destination for under $1,000. No matter where it is, we’re going to pack our bags and go!

I can’t even express how excited I am about this incentive! I’ve already found myself thinking about it multiple times, which I think is a good sign. I may come up with some smaller incentives for some of my mini challenges but right now I don’t think that’s even necessary.

So, what do you think would work for you? What type of incentive would carry enough excitement to see you through to the end of your weight loss journey? Think about it!


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