Physical Activity – Go!

So, I’ve explained some of the theories that have shaped this weight loss challenge. You’ve heard about the details of the challenge and the weight loss bucket list items that will make up my mini challenges, as well as the overall incentive I’ve given myself if I reach my end goal after a year. I guess now the only natural progression is to share with you what bucket list items I’m going to start with. I say items, plural, because it only really makes sense for me to tackle a couple of these at a time. Here’s where I’m starting:

  • 400 Hour Challenge
  • Complete P90X program

In all reality, the decision of where to start was actually pretty easy. When I started this challenge, all I knew from the get-go was that I needed to be doing ANYTHING better than what I had been doing. So on Day 1, without much thought, I started making little changes: Add in more vegetables, take the stairs more at work, go for walks at lunch, etc. My mom, my husband, and I are running our next half marathon at the beginning of November. Because it’s been a couple months since we’ve run on a regular basis I built our training plan with the same start date of this challenge. With that in mind, I started running 3 days per week in addition to my smaller changes. The half marathon piece is not a bucket list item, but it feeds into the two objectives I am working on.

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The 400 Hour Challenge is actually something that my husband and I started at the beginning of 2015. In an effort to keep ourselves active, we challenged each other to complete 400 hours of activity (anything that gets us off the couch!) by the end of the year. Admittedly, I’ve fallen way off track with this, so I knew I had to get moving. I’ve started making myself walk each day at lunch. I also work on the 8th floor of my building, so my husband and I agreed that if I walk the stairs at least three times per day I could count that as an additional 15 minutes each day. Done! It’s on the list of new activities.

Finally, to help get my activity hours up, I started doing my P90X workouts. I’ve had the DVDs for this for a long time and they’ve kind of been my fall-back workout. I’ve just never managed to do them consistently for the entire 90 day timeframe. Since I’ve already been doing these for a week and a half, I’ve decided to continue and see if I can complete all 90 days. The only disclaimer I’m making with this one is a slight modification I have to make. You see, P90X calls for 6 days per week of working out, with a blend of weight lifting and cardio workouts. However, I will already be getting a lot of cardio because of my half marathon training. Run training of that kind really requires a nice mix of cross-training, as well; therefore, I’m following the P90X plan, with my runs alternated in in place of the cardio workouts they recommend.

With all of this combined, I’ve been completing an hour to two hours of activity per day, which is something I’m really excited about. That may sound like a lot but just keep in mind that a good portion of it is walking, which I can’t help thinking is relaxing, even if it’s speed-walking. 🙂 Looking back through my weight loss bucket list, I expect that I will slowly add more objectives as I go along. We’ll just have to see. For now, I feel good about where I’m starting!


4 thoughts on “Physical Activity – Go!

  • Hey girl! How are you liking P90X? I’m actually a Beachbody coach working my way through all BB workouts. I’m almost done wtih Insanity and 21DF and I’m wondering what to do next… P90X is in the back of my mind. Do you like it so far?


    • Wow, good for you! I love P90X! It always kicks my butt – in a good way, of course. 🙂 I love how much variety there is to it. I have plans to make it through all of Insanity too, but that will have to wait a while. What’s 21DF? I haven’t heard of that one. Generally, though, if it’s BB I know I’ll love it. 🙂

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