Pushing Through Weight Loss Struggles

Today, I was all set to write a post about the weight loss bucket list portion of my challenge but I’m making a last-minute change. Instead, I’m going to talk about pushing through the difficult times that are bound to come up in any type of weight loss journey. Today has been my first “rough” day since I started this challenge. Part of me wants to kick myself when I realize it’s coming less than a week into starting this. But then I realized there’s no point in beating myself up. Instead, I need to focus on what’s making it difficult and work through it to make my difficult day a positive one.

So, what’s making this difficult? Honestly, nothing in particular. Today just feels like a lazy day. We’ve all had them, right? Unfortunately, lazy days can often be the enemies of weight loss. It takes a lot of active thought to work out when you’re supposed to and stick with your healthy eating. When laziness kicks in, though, that’s when you absent-mindedly reach for the bag of potato chips and eat the entire thing before you realize it.

healthy food choices, getting healthy, lifestyle change


Fortunately, I haven’t officially broken down and gone rogue yet! I caught myself with a major craving as my husband came home from work. He made some toast for a snack and it immediately made me crave cinnamon-sugar toast. Next, he brought out…you got it…the potato chips. It’s all fine for him, he’s naturally thin. But for me, those potato chips could set me back on all the good I’ve done this last week!

The beauty of it is I have this blog to fall back on. Even getting this far into the post has made me feel better and has wiped away the cravings! It makes me so happy that I’ve committed to this challenge and to this blog! It also makes me realize how easy avoiding these pitfalls can be. It’s all about finding the right distraction!


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