Setting Weight Loss Goals

As a natural planner I can’t help but be convinced that the best way to get what you want is to have a clear goal in sight. Once that’s been established, you have a guiding path to help make relevant decisions.


If you’ve read my first post you’ll know that I’ve actually established a range of goals with this challenge: to lose somewhere between 30 and 52 pounds by my 31st birthday. In reality this is only a surface goal. In order to be successful I will have to meet a variety of buried “missions,” such as:

  • Establishing accountability. For me, I hope to find this by faithfully updating this blog. Doing so will keep this challenge fresh on my mind and encourage me to actively think through my daily decisions.
  • Identifying proper personal motivation. In a perfect world the idea of getting healthy would be motivation enough. In reality, I think having some kind of fun inventive may be more effective at spurring me on through difficult times.
  • Figuring out what methods of working out suit me best. There are so many options in the fitness world that there’s no real reason to do a workout you don’t enjoy. If I like it, I’m more likely to do it.
  • Pin-pointing eating habits that I can commit to. Remember, getting healthy should be a lifestyle change. If I don’t think I can stick to it for the rest of my life I shouldn’t be doing it.
  • Establishing mini goals that allow me to evaluate my progress and course-correct as needed. A year is a long time and obviously I haven’t found my niche for weight loss yet. If something isn’t working, change it up and power through!

Each of these smaller goals will play a huge role in determining how successful I am over the next year.

weight loss struggles, getting healthy, good health

What mini goals would be necessary for you to hit your ideal weight? The list above is a good guide for establishing the basic requirements for success but everyone will have a different way they accomplish each mission. 

One other factor I think is important to creating weight loss goals is acceptable alternatives. Anyone who has struggled with weight loss knows that working out can play tricks on your body. It’s very easy to lose inches but gain weight so pitting all evaluation of succes on pounds lost can be extremely frustrating. Having an acceptable alternative goal is a great way to keep your spirits high.

My acceptable alternative goal will be dress size. If I can’t hit the specific weight goals I would be very happy to reach the alternate goal of a dress size 5 or 6. What would your alternate goal be for your own weight loss challenge?


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